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The Sartech Europe Group offers agile, quality services to the manufacturing, assembly and electrical and mechanical industrial and building maintenance segments.
Sartech Europe Group's customers now have a complete mix of services that optimize time, minimize risks, reduce operating costs and present excellent cost-benefit, obtained through the intelligent management of an experienced and qualified team.
Sartech offers its customers qualified technical assistance in screen printing, stamping and industrial machines.
We perform:
- Changes of machines with all the necessary equipment up to 30 tons.
- Maintenance of industrial and other screen printing machines.
- Electrical, mechanical or pneumatic modifications to make your machine more profitable.
- Adaptation and transformation to evolve your machine's capacity.
- Sale of used screen printing and pad printing machines with installation and transport.
- Installations and programming of automatons for screen printing machines and others.
- Change and placement of sheet conveyor belts on screen printing machines and others.
We represent:
- Machines for sharpening all shapes.
- Hydraulic tables to automatically lift sheet palettes.
- Mats for conventional tunnels, U.V. and textiles.
- Mats for thermo gluing presses.
- All types of UV lamps.
- Suction lids for printing machines, all formats.
- Aluminum tops for textile machines, manual or automatic.
It is the company's policy to fully honor its commitments, under any circumstances. For this reason, the credibility of Sartech Europe Group increases every day and is reflected in solid and lasting partnerships, with the overcoming of current demands and the approval of future projects.
With this entrepreneurial spirit, Sartech Europe Group currently has business units, all focused on providing high-level integrated engineering services, earning respect and trust.
Provide engineering solutions with excellence, in the areas of assembly and electrical, mechanical and construction maintenance. Maximizing results for customers, employees and society, in the exercise of our values.
Maintain reliability with our customers by meeting their technical needs and compatible cost, aiming to increase their satisfaction.
Develop and use simple and practical planning, control and execution methods that guarantee the efficiency of services and results.
Ensure the quality of services through planning and recording, analysis and improvement of the processes used.
Ensure the integrity of people, facilities and the environment.
Maintain a leadership culture that enables our employees to develop their professional and human skills to the full, so that we have everyone's participation in the company's management and that employees can be evaluated based on their attitudes and results.

Sartech Europe Group


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** Requests for internships by email only.


** Requests for internships by email only.

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